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Family Dentist in Worcester, MA 

You are on the hunt for a dentist for both you and your children. To whom are you going to turn? While should everyone in the family have to see separate dentists when a family dentist is all you need to get the care everyone requires under a single roof? Here at our Worcester, MA, practice, our dentist Dr. Richard Ostberg specializes in providing family dentistry to patients of all ages, from newborns to seniors, making it easier for everyone to get routine checkups, dental cleanings, and more.

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Make Life Easier

When you have a dentist that you know and trust, it’s also much easier to schedule appointments, right? Here at our practice, we strive to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment for all of our patients and families. Children will outgrow their pediatric dentist, but a family dentist can continue to provide the same care you know and trust to every member of your family. When you know where to turn, it also means you’re more likely to get the preventive dental care you need to maintain healthy smiles.

Get Versatile Care

We can easily look at your child’s smile and determine that they need braces, while also being able to provide routine checkups and cleanings to you. The fact remains, as a family dentist, we provide individualized care tailored to everyone’s needs. We understand that kid’s smiles have different needs from teens and adults. We also really get to know our patients, their lifestyles, and their habits to provide custom and valuable recommendations and advice to protect their smiles over the years.

Care You Trust

When it comes down to it, once you find a doctor you love, the last thing you want to do is leave. Once you find a family dentist you love, there’s no reason to leave. We will continue to follow you and your family’s medical history across the years. We know your allergies, sensitivities, concerns, and more, which means that you can just sit back in our dental chair knowing that everyone in your family is taken care of. Have changes in your or your child’s medical history? No problem! Just let us know and we’ll be happy to make these changes.

If you are looking for a family dentist in Worcester, MA, that’s ready to provide your family with quality dental care,
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